About Us

The ‘Ochre’ brand was launched in 2017 with a selection of yarn ranges spun from the finest natural fibres the world has to offer. These include the signature Australian Merino wool, Cashmere, Baby Bactrian Camel from Mongolia and fine Yak down from Tibet.

Sue runs the ‘Ochre’ business from her home and enjoys designing winter accessories and knitwear patterns for the hand knitting industry.


‘Ochre’ yarn ranges are a carefully chosen blend of natural fibres ideally suited for the purpose of creating unique and beautiful knitted garments.The premium properties of the yarns enhance the design and quality of the final knitted garment and also provide warmth, comfort and visual appeal.


We work in co-operation with a Fair Trade Organization in Nepal for which provide design, marketing, management, and technical services to low-income Nepalese craft producers. Our relationship enables the distribution of their work, for which they receive fair wages and benefits. The talented Artisans’ create hand knitted and crochet garments using traditional techniques with modern design.


‘Ochre’ develop yarn, garment ranges and colour choice on a regular basis to keep things current and in line with market demand. Accessories and garments have a classic feel, allowing the quality yarn and colour choice to speak for itself.

Our Values

Creating quality crafted yarns, patterns and knitwear is more than just our focus… We are committed to making yarn in the best possible way to show the products’ natural beauty and unique attributes.

To Inspire Excellence in the Yarn Industry

At the core of our business is the desire to showcase these incredible natural fibres to a wider audience and customer base.

To Offer Fair Trade Garments to the Market

The affiliation with a Fair Trade Organization in Nepal gives us the peace of mind that the Artisans are being rewarded for their skills and trades.

To Showcase Craft in Australia

We are proud to present ‘Ochre’ at various events and trade-shows to show case our hand dyed yarns, pattern design and hand crafted accessories.


To Provide Outstanding Quality Yarn

We stay true to the natural beauty of our fibres. Our processes are ethical, natural and enhance the overall experience for our customers.

To Support the Local Wool Industry

Australian Merino wool is some of the finest in the world. ‘Ochre Yarn’ is dedicated to providing support for farmers producing this wonderful natural fibre.


To Foster Relationships With Craft Retailers

Our retailers are an integral part of the ‘Ochre’ brand and we acknowledge their industry experience by offering products that add value to their businesses.

Our People

Sue Ingpen


Leslie Cumming

US Sales Manager

Eliza Steele

Branded Content Strategist