‘Ochre Yarn’ rejects ‘fast fashion’ and has an ethos that works with a Fair Trade Organisation in Nepal to produce product that is designed from fibre to finished product in an ethical way, using natural fibres and yarns of the highest quality.

A love of traditional crafts, and a selection of natural fibre combine to create this beautiful naturally coloured, hand woven wrap.

Every ‘Ochre’ Camel/merino wrap is uniquely woven with fine Australian Merino Superfine wool warp, and a Baby Camel down fibre weft, and finished with a hand knitted fringe.
The mixture of camel down and the merino wool create beneficial properties including softness, lightness and warmth. The Camel yarn has strength and resists felting making it durable for wash and wear. The merino yarn provides warmth, and thermal qualities, along with the super softness in this luxurious wrap.

The wrap is 200cm x 120cm size suitable for a generous wrap, shawl, throw or yoga rug.

Weighing approx 1kg for a beautiful drape.

To purchase. https://ochreyarn.com/product/hand-woven-wrap/